Another Outing for Fishboy

Just when I thought it time to give Fishboy a happy ending, we went to The Deep, the spectacular aquarium in Hull and this scenario occurred.
There are so many signs announcing feeding times, it would be only logical that Fishboy might get the wrong end of the stick about who gets fed.

Having got to May without a single painting, I have been making up for lost time and have in the last month done six. Unfortunately the first was for friends and I forgot to take a picture and three are for an exhibition at the Lincoln Steampunk festival – so I cannot publish them anywhere before then. I’ll probably put them in the charity auction so I must remember to scan them for my records and to show you.


A taste of a book to come, hopefully

A taste of a book to come, hopefully

Since taking voluntary redundancy at the start of the year i have been hard at work on a project to paint a children’s picture book about a mother bat’s advice to her little battling. Maintaining the momentum has been hard but now i am just one picture away from finishing. I thought about using water colour pencils but just couldn’t get to grips with them. I found them too bright and i just coudn’t get the finish as even as i liked and so returned to my favourite medium- gouache. I don’t kid myself that finding a publisher is not going to be very hard work, but this was something i felt i had to try.