A Lapis Queen

A while back I made a Turquoise ring in an unusual setting made out of a domed piece of silver. I won’t say it is unique, not just because that is a hideously overused and abused word but because I have learned that anything any silversmith can come up with, will have been done by someone else at some point. Having said that, I can say with honesty that  I am not aware of anyone else setting stones in this particular way.

Since setting the Turquoise (an unusual onion-domed cabochon with a tapering bottom) I have been looking for another stone of the same shape but have been unable to find one. Finally I found something that would almost do; a star garnet with a high dome and tapering bottom. So how come this is a Lapis? I hear you say. Well, erm, I was probably not careful enough when offering the stone up to the dome and working out where the prongs would end up because the stone just kept falling out. Fortunately my stock of stones provided a hitherto disregarded Lapis cabochon with a totally flat bottom which worked beautifully.

It is a heavenly rich blue, makes a nice partner for the Turquoise, and is generally a lovely, shapely, juicy little ring. People do still prefer the first one, but at least I now know I can use this setting for stones I hadn’t previously considered. I may have to consider trying a faceted stone next.


Silver rings with Turquoise and Lapis By Erica Madelin



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