Fly, be Free

Another friend, another birthday.  This was a piece for a museum curator, specialising in metalwork and who often works with real, trained silversmiths. That was a little daunting and besides, she doesn’t really go in for jewellery, just the occasional colourful or shiny costume piece.

When she decided to leave the country I finally had my idea – a bird as a symbol of freedom. A few months later, visiting the Decorative Arts Museum in Madrid together, I spotted this bird embroidered on a bedspread and made a quick sketch.

The piece was pierced out of silver sheet while the bail was designed to balance the sweep of the bird’s wings. If I had been making it for myself I would have oxidised the whole item before polishing off the wing and tail tips to highlight them but I think my friend would have liked that less.

Fly, be free. Silver pendant by Erica Madelin