Victorian Portraits

On a whim I bought a set of Victorian Carte de Visite from E-bay with an idea about doing something steampunk with them.  It didn’t happen. I kept looking into the eyes of the subjects and wondering if these pictures might be the last records of those individuals. Perhaps somewhere they appear in a family album with their names faithfully recorded but then again, they came from France which has experienced at least three invasions since they were taken so anything could have happened.

My solution was give them some friends and paint around them. I have a friend who makes steampunk jewellery so I may try printing these out and sealing them behind glass cabochons. It would be a nice way of combining art and jewellery.



Winter In the Peak District

After months of concentrating on the copper smithing I am desperate to return to painting and have found myself inspired for the first time to try out some landscapes.
This winter I am going to walk and photograph every edge in the Peak District in search of source materials and then I am shamelessly going to tweak their composition because there is really no point in painting, (rather than photographing) something if you are not going to improve on nature if you can.
I will show you what comes of that but in the mean time, I shall include here some of my favourite photographs.

Winter sky by Erica Madelin

Winter Birch in the Peak District by Erica Madelin

Trees at Curbar Gap by Erica Madelin