Butterfly Collecting

The Christmas before last my brother bought me an old copper water heater….we don’t really do i-phones and Bruno Mars CDs in our family, you see.
Having such a large amount of copper sheet allows me to have fun, make mistakes and work in a larger scale than I can afford to do in silver.
I have enjoyed fold forming and as soon as Dave allows me a bit of space in the garage I will experiment some more with anticlastic raising but in the mean time I bought myself some Ferric Chloride and tried out some etching.
For tips I looked at YouTube and in particular Torch Song’s excellent video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CN_X8RAy2hg and these are the results: moths and butterflies.

Butterfly and moth pins and hair combs by Erica Madelin

Perhaps my technique could be improved but I found a sharpie didn’t result in the cleanest etch and so it seemed to suit something like a moth with its soft, broken lines.
I then simply soldered them onto twisted wire pins and hair prongs. I could of course have polished them up but I didn’t even pickle them, preferring to preserve the oxides that formed while heating.
These will be coming along with me to a craft fair this summer, my first and yes, I am rather nervous!