A taste of a book to come, hopefully

A taste of a book to come, hopefully

Since taking voluntary redundancy at the start of the year i have been hard at work on a project to paint a children’s picture book about a mother bat’s advice to her little battling. Maintaining the momentum has been hard but now i am just one picture away from finishing. I thought about using water colour pencils but just couldn’t get to grips with them. I found them too bright and i just coudn’t get the finish as even as i liked and so returned to my favourite medium- gouache. I don’t kid myself that finding a publisher is not going to be very hard work, but this was something i felt i had to try.


2 thoughts on “A taste of a book to come, hopefully

    • Thank you. It’s a big help, getting comments from people who don’t know me. I don’t think my partner and his mum are exactly impartial! Funnily enough the title is the only thing i don’t have yet so i had better get thinking as i am about to finish the last page and hope to start sending copies off to publishers next week.

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